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Data Mining for Digital Humanities

LABHDUFBA specializes in developing data extraction algorithms for web and digital social networks, focusing on the integration of computational skills in humanities research. This initiative aims to critically assess how digital tools shape imagination and investigations in humanities, exploring the boundaries of algorithmic logic.

  • Development of web and social media data extraction algorithms
  • Critical reflection on digital tool impacts in humanities research
  • Exploration of the ’thinkable’ within algorithmic structures
  • Fostering digital methodologies in humanities disciplines
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Analysis of Multi-Platform Ecosystems of Disinformation and Radicalization through Telegram

Since 2021, LABHDUFBA has been developing this research in partnership with InternetLab . This project establishes a multi-method framework to map and analyze the multi-platform ecosystem of political extremism networks through the Telegram app. It monitors computational propaganda activities, coordinated influence operations, and hate speech (misogyny, racism, LGBTQIA+phobia) using corpus linguistics (CL), natural language processing (NLP), discourse analysis, and online ethnography.

  • Monitoring computational propaganda and influence operations
  • Analyzing hate speech: misogyny, racism, LGBTQIA+phobia
  • Combining computational and qualitative research methods
  • Understanding the socio-anthropological impact of radical content
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Digital History and Cultural Analysis

In collaboration with the University for International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony, LABHDUFBA explores digital history, focusing on digitized documentary collections and online repositories. The lab seeks to develop new historiographical approaches and engage in methodological reflections, particularly concerning race, racism, and rights in the Americas.

  • Collaborative research in digital history
  • Methodological innovations in historical research and teaching
  • Engagement with socio-political themes, especially race and rights
  • Use of digital tools for historiographic advancements
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Join the LABHDUFBA Team

LABHDUFBA invites researchers passionate about Digital Humanities to explore, innovate, and contribute to our dynamic field. With expertise in digital methods and tools, state-of-the-art computing infrastructure, and a vibrant multidisciplinary team, we offer an enriching environment for academic and professional growth.

  • Work with cutting-edge digital methods and tools
  • Access to advanced computers and technological infrastructure
  • Be part of a diverse and multidisciplinary team of experts
  • Engage in innovative research projects with global impact
  • Opportunities for collaboration and personal development
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Recent Events

Events and conferences

Participação de Leonardo Nascimento na mesa Iluminando o Oceano Digital: cooperação científica para a transparência e integridade informacional que acontecerá no dia 02 de abril de 2024, às 14h, na Capes em Brasília. Acesse aqui os detalhes do evento
5ª Conferência Nacional de CT&I

5ª Conferência Nacional de CT&I

Conferência Livre: Ciência no Combate à Descinformação

Participação de Eric Brasil na mesa Somos de humanas? Desafios técnicos e ambientais à profissão do(a) historiador(a), no dia 10 de abril de 2024, às 19h.
IX Semana de História

IX Semana de História


Participação do professor Leonardo Nascimento na live do Instituto Conhecimento Liberta a respeito da desinformação na plataforma Telegram em fevereiro de 2024.
ICL Notícias

ICL Notícias